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Desires of the Otherworld #3

Behold the tale of a lovelorn queen, smitten with a would-be king. When her affections were forsaken, she betwiched his kinsmen and enslaved him.

Bryron Morgianne is unique, a union of fae and diaone sidhe warrior blood. He knows and understands lust, as well as violence and pleasure. The world was his market, and there was nothing he he couldn't have. Until he met a female unlike any other, a swan princess entrapped by a curse that has destroyed everything she holds dear.

Elsa Dinarii lost her kindgom and home due to the lusts of a vampyren queen. Zoraida captured her brother and enslaved her kin. She'll do anything to free her twin of his torment, but doing so comes at a cost. The only man who can help her wants her in a way that will alter the course of destiny. In setting her sibling free, she'll remain trapped forever with no hope of escape.

As worlds collide and irrevocable actions put fate into motion, Byron discovers there's more to existence than blood and lust. If he wants to protect the female he can't live without, he'll have to risk everything.

Including his very soul.


She gasped and placed her hands on his upper arms.

He rolled his pelvis, guiding her to do the same.

She did, her gorgeous blue eyes never leaving his.

He led the dance, showing her how to follow, watching her expression the entire time. She wasn't repulsed or offended, nor did she want him to back off. She was enjoying it as much as he was. Her motions were smooth and graceful. He could feel the firm press of her thighs against his, as well as the heat of her cleft. He required her permission and willingness before he'd take things further, but he had to make one thing clear.

He'd gotten hard the instant he'd seen her dancing with Fiona.

And he'd stay that way if he remained anywhere near her.

Forcing her closer, so she felt the entire pulsing length of his cock, he lowered his head until his lips caressed the shell of her ear. "Feel what you do to me?"

She groaned but didn't let go.

In fact, she held him tighter.

A good sign, but he knew he had to be clear.

"I'm hard as hell. I've been hard all day. Because I can't stop thinking about you. Even when I try and even when I don't want to. There are so many naughty things I want to do to you, Elsa. Dirty, wicked, filthy things." He squeezed her ass, making sure there was as little space between them as possible. "If you asked me to, I'd take you to our room right now. I'd pick you up carry you out of here. When we made it there, I'd drape you over the bed and show you exactly how I feel about you. I'd start with my mouth and kiss you all over. I'd make you so wet you'd drown us both."

He heard her breath catch and decided it wouldn't hurt to give her earlobe a nibble. She sighed, her breathing stinted, and he nuzzled her neck, nipping at that delicate skin as well, making sure she could hear him over the music when he told her, "I want you in ways that would shock the hell out of you. I want to do things that a gentleman would never say out loud. And not just once. I'd want to do them over and over again. I'd give you this in ways you didn't know existed."